Apple approves Mercury browser for iPhone

February 9, 2010

Apple approves Mercury browser for iPhone


Apple is very fond of its products and of course defends them to the end. Safari is one of Apple’s babies and of course, does not like it when companies try to put it down and replace it with other browsers. On the other hand, Apple also knows that customers like chooses and it has now given its blessing to the Mercury web browser to be a replacement browser for iPhone’s Safari, for the time being.

Apple has denied all kinds of web browsers to be in competition with Safari for the iPhone, but recently Apple approved Mercury and other similar apps.

The developer iLegendSoft has a good app that is like a web browser but the first generation iPhones do not fair well with this app. The description for the Mercury browser states, “FULLSCREEN web browser with TABS for iPhone and iPod touch. The clean UI and rich features make it the best replacement for Safari.”

Apple is allowing this browser even though it is stepping on toes. Apple is even allowing updates without any questions.

Word from developers with Apple’s reviewing board said, “Apple doesn’t like it when developers mention Android in their app descriptions.” We may still see Apple contacting iLegendSoft to change their description as Apple has asked others to tweak their description in order to stay in the app store.

You can download a free version of Mercury at this time, we never know how long the app will stay.

Downloadable here.

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