You Can Be a Gold Medalist Too

February 19, 2010

I haven’t watched much of the Olympics, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what it means to be a gold medalist.  One thing it does is make me think about is the tremendous effort that these athletes have put into their lives at being “the best” at what they do.

I think you can translate what they do into your own every day life.  They’re ordinary people – still human, but extraordinarily focused, and there’s no reason you can’t be the same.  You need to find something you love and work to the best at it.  It can be your job, being a father, being a husband, video games, typing, eating… whatever.

Have the dedication to be the best.

My wife says I have a “scary” amount of focus at times.  I can shut out anything around me until I complete whatever I’m doing.  Well, in my mind, for that moment I’m “going for the gold” — I’m trying to “stick the landing.”  For every action you take, work to stick that landing.  Focus on your task and be the best.

you’re doing the moment… go for the gold.

I come across many that look at competition differently than I do.  I don’t care about being better than someone else.  That’s simply never the case.  I simply want to be the best at that thing at that very moment – if that happens to be better than someone else, so be it.  Others only care about that person they’re “competing” with, even if it means pushing them down or making them look bad.  You’ve proven nothing with that.  My only hope is that if I can do better that will encourage those around me to do so as well, especially if you’re on the same team.

Don’t be afraid to change the things that keep you from getting your gold medal.

If I wanted to be an Olympic skier, I would probably need to move somewhere the skiing was a little better.  If you’re not in a job or an opportunity – or have the skills – to achieve your gold, something has to change.  There is nothing wrong with taken the path of least resistance when trying to succeed.  In fact, it’s smart.  If you want to ski, move to your mountain, because that mountain will never come to you.

Even small victories count.

You always have opportunities to nail it.  Just today I figured out a nice line of code – just a little ASP.NET stuff, but when I finally nailed it, I was on the podium for a second.  A small win like that counts, and a compliment of small wins can be a pretty big victory. 

So work hard at whatever you do, or find something that you can give your all, and you too can be a gold medalist.

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