Be Careful with Food Labels

February 20, 2010

Stopping by Whole Foods after the gym, I picked up a “Naked” brand drink with the label “30 grams of protein”.

You would think I’ve learned to read labels by now, but this looked like a drink that advertised itself as a “Health” drink.  What I ended up drinking was an entire meal when looking at the label.

First of all, it pulls the age old trick of “serving size” — this small drink was two servings.  No one in their right mind would only drink one serving of a drink this size.  With that in mind, you have to multiply the values on the label by (about?! – I’ve always love the “about” part) two.

Coming in at 220 calories per serving, this puts the drink at about 440 calories, or about a Double Cheeseburger from McDonald’s – nice.  The fat content is fine, but then things get worse.  *The sodium is pretty high at  260mg – a bottle of Coke has 75mg.  The Carbs at 70g are out of control.  The fiber content, which you want to see in something, is zero.  Then comes the sugar at a whopping 56g.  That’s about 14 cubes of sugar.

*Adjusted for serving size.

For comparison:

( is a great site)

The ONLY saving grace of this drink is the protein content… no wonder they have it on the front label.

Now, don’t get me wrong, at least the sugar isn’t from my enemy High Fructose Corn Syrup and there is some vitamin content.  This is better than drink soda overall.  The sugar is from the fruit, which occurs naturally.  Eating a ton of fruit would be the same.  If you looked below the label, it DOES state that it is “Not a low calorie food.”  Yeah, thanks for that.


This is NOT a health drink and the packaging seems to market it as such.  This drink is a meal replacement drink honestly, and if labeled as such I probably wouldn’t have so much of a problem.  I was somewhat fooled even though I know better.  I should have taken the time to look more carefully, but what’s been done on this label with the two servings is a common practice that has to stop.

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