Why My Faith in Social Media Has Been Shaken

March 19, 2010

So, it all started with this post.  I didn’t really think much of it at first, but then as I was reviewing some posts I thought, “Hmmm… in this day and age, shouldn’t a company be tracking their brand and responding to such a thing?”  I mean, I just said I had worn out two pairs of their shoes previously and now buying my third pay.  Would a “thank you” to a customer be so hard?  I would estimate that Asics spends a couple of million a year on advertising to reach people like me and keep me as a customer.  I didn’t want a coupon or a discount or sponsorship – merely a “thanks”.

The message in Social Media is that you can interact with your customers, celebrities or each other – but the personal connection is there.  That companies have become uniquely aware of who their clients are and how they interact.

I was curious and wanted to take this to the next level, so today I tweeted:

If I wouldn’t get a thank you, maybe another company would be interested in my business.  From what I hear, the economy is not all that great.  Surely, one of these companies is involved in social media and would want my business.  I can be extremely brand loyal if I get just the tiniest bit of feedback.

I follow @ChrisPolarUSA because he responded about the new pulse monitor I had just bought – I was impressed and now consider myself a Polar customer for life.

So, the day goes on and nothing.  Not a single response. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I do a twitter search this evening – maybe it’s lost in the shuffle, hard to find.  Maybe it’s buried in a ton of mentions.  I found only one brand that this may apply to.

First up, the main culprit.

Wow, after 11 hours, not too hard.  If you search without the Hashtag, you get several sales sites, but they look easy enough to filter out and surely you would track your OWN hashtag.

On to New Balance.  Same deal.

Brooks?  Same.

Rebook at little more, but  after 11 hours, I’m only the 16th post or so.

About 15 posts before mine.

#Nike had quite a few – many spam.  Forgiven?  No, not really.  They’re by far the largest and the ones out of all that I expected to get a response from.

The other issue was that after tweeting about this, none of these so-called “social media experts” who follow me had anything to say about it.  I mean, this is in their wheelhouse, right?

As above, I feel like “social media” could be the new snake oil – with everyone trying to sell something, but no one really understands what it is, how it works, or if it does.  I currently feel like it’s “broken”  and filled with bunch of people talking to themselves (much like I’m doing now, yes – the irony is not lost on me).

I should disclose that I work for a media monitoring company – but the Internet isn’t my domain, I do traditional media, like TV and Radio.  That said, I understand the importance of tracking your business and brand.  Heck, I consider MYSELF a brand and track my own name.

Maybe I’m spoiled in the fact that I do track myself and “expect” companies to do so as well.  I’m also fairly sick of companies taking their customers for granted.  You’re going to work for my business – but once you have me, I’ll stick by you if you treat me right.

So for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to put out these types of challenges to brands – see who is responsive.  See who is playing the social media game and winning.  I’ll tweet a brand positively, and wait for a “thank you” – if I don’t get it, I’ll do as I have above and report my findings.

Until I get some positive responses, I’ve completely lost faith that “social media/networking” is all that it has been made up to be.

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