The Perfect Setup for Google Buzz and Your Inbox

March 23, 2010

I’m beginning to become a bigger fan of Buzz every day and since I want my friends to use it, I’m going to write this up and show how to make posts more manageable in your Inbox (by not being in your inbox at all).

Let’s first create a filter for Buzzes.

Just putting “Buzz from” in the subject has worked fine for me.

Go to the Next Step» and have it apply the Label “Buzzes” – you’ll probably have to create it (at the bottom of the list).  You can use whatever, it doesn’t have to be be Buzzes, but “Buzz” is reserved.  Also, have it “Skip the Inbox”.

You can apply it to any you have already have and create your filter.  Afterward I gave mine the color of yellow because it reminded me of a Bee, but whatever.

Now lets set up your inbox.

First you need to to to “labs” in your Gmail.

Then look for and activate Multiple Inboxes.

Now in your settings you’ll see the tab for Multiple Inboxes, click it and then you can add the pane I’ve added here.

Now Buzz will stay out of your inbox, but still very easily accessible.

You can also check for Buzzes specifically using your iPhone and IMAP, checking just that label or All Mail.

Hopefully this helps, now start using Buzz!

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