Deleting Google Bookmarks from Google Documents

March 26, 2010

If you’ve ever tried to delete your Bookmarks in Google Docs after syncing with Google Chrome, you’ll inevitably fail and get this:

What?!  Eff you, they’re mine, I want to delete them, but alas you can’t.  Don’t tell me my business, Google… you will delete, I’ll do it one at a time!

Not cool, Google.  Not cool.

OK, as always, there’s a work around, but you have to do it exactly as I show you.

Right click and create a new folder – it can be creatively named “New Folder”.

The trick is to MOVE these bad boys.  However, if you try to do it the intuitively, you’ll get a big fat fail.

The RIGHT way (that works).

On the folder list on the right side, right-click Google Chrome and then select Move to.

Select your New Folder and Move to folder.

Now, right click that New Folder (NOT THE STUPID GOOGLE CHROME FOLDER) and delete that mofo.

It should disappear, you collect the power up and win the game.

I win again, Google, though you still have all my personal browser history (try to ignore around 1am last Friday night, I didn’t even realize that was a horse until too late).

Now I can start fresh with my bookmarks and you can too.

By the way, the Dev Channel version of Chrome has a somewhat niftier version of their Bookmark Manager.

They of course also have rolled out some new Google Bookmark features, which somehow, someway do NOT sync with Chrome.  No, I don’t know either.  Yes, I agree – dumb.

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