Another Buzz Feature I’d like to See

March 28, 2010

After seeing this post by Colt Seavers on this buzz, I thought about how to find good people to follow.  I typically follow people due to their comments, but I’d like to know more about them before I follow – looking at their profile and recent posts.

Buzz doesn’t make this easy enough.

If you’re in a Buzz, and want to know about someone, when you hover your mouse over their name, it’s just a link to their Buzzes – good enough, but replaces the tab you’re in.  You can of course, Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click and it will open to a new tab and take you to their profile.  Strange that there are different results for click.

However, if you go to the LINK for the conversation, there is different behavior altogether.  When you mouse over their name, you get a nice little popup (familiar to FriendFeeders).  Click the View Profile opens a new tab and takes you to their profile and you can see their recent Buzzes and follow.

I would like to see Buzz (within Gmail) have this feature, but with one addition.  A follow button in the popup.  There are some comments in conversations that make me know I want to follow someone – in this case, I followed Linda.

When people ask “Who should I follow?” – the best results I’ve had is from watching the conversations of people I already follow and following the people who are engaging THEM.  You’re almost sure to have some great conversations!

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